Drama Club

This term, the Players enjoyed a variety of drama activities, which helped develop confidence, physical awareness, communication and articulation, and everyone had a go at performing a monologue.

Excitement is building as we start to reveal songs and characters for the summer performance.


That’s a Wrap!

Well done to everyone who participated in the Christmas Around the World performances and thank you to all who came to watch the children shine.

The Players have worked hard on speaking clearly, loudly and with confidence; for some it was their first time performing on a stage and they have all finished the week feeling a sense of achievement and pride.

Mrs Buckby, SdS performing arts teacher, has been really impressed with the performance skills and singing across the different year groups. She hopes that you will all continue with drama club in the new year and would like to see a few new faces too.

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of laughter, goodwill and wonderful memories of the children’s performance.

Merry Christmas!




Christmas Around the World

Thank you to everyone who came to see the performance today. Tomorrow and Friday, the performances will be in school, 10:30 start, instead of the church. This means we can accommodate a larger audience so please come along to enjoy the show.

The children have worked really hard and would love to see some familiar faces in the audience.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Around the World

Today, the Players and the KS2 choir had their first performance of Christmas Around the World. Joined by year 5 and year 3 Blyton class, they put on a fabulous show of Christmas traditions and celebrations from different countries around the world.

Tomorrow’s performance is for the parents of the Players and choir; we hope you can come along to enjoy the children’s’ performance skills and beautiful singing.



Dress Rehearsal

Monday the 4th will be a complete run through of the Christmas performance and Friday the 8th will be a dress rehearsal. It is really important that all Players attend both sessions.

Thank you to everyone that has brought in a costume. If anyone is struggling to complete a costume, then please let us know by this coming Monday.

Costume requirements:

Black T shirt (long sleeved if possible)

Black leggings or trousers

Black socks

Black shoes



The Players had an extra rehearsal session today and it was evident that they have all been working hard to perfect their lines , dances and acting parts  – keep up the great work.

Please remember to bring in your costume, on Monday, in a named carrier bag. We will keep it in school until after the performances, although if your school trousers are going to be part of your costume then there is no need to leave them in school.


Singing in Character

This term, The Players have been demonstrating their singing, acting and dancing skills, so that Mrs Buckby and the drama club team could cast the Christmas performance. We have some strong narrators, beautiful singers and graceful dancers.

Today was our last session of the term and we worked on singing in character to Sparkeljollytwinklejingley.  This song requires lots of facial expression, hand gestures and being rather over the top! Have a look at the photos below.

Everyone has something to learn, during the holidays, and we would like you to start putting together a costume of black leggings/trousers and a black long/short sleeve t shirt. Please don’t bring your costume to school until requested.

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Drama Club

Yesterday, The Players drama club had their first session of the school year and after only a few acting and singing activities, Mrs Buckby was really impressed with the talent displayed.

From now until December 11th, we will be working on the Christmas performance – keep checking this blog for snippets of our performance.