SdS Talent Show

The finalists are ready for the show this Friday and we hope that their parents will join us for a 9am start. The children need to be in school at 8:30, they can arrive in their costume but must bring uniform to change into after the show. SdS has got talent!


Talent Show Finalists

Well done to everyone who got through to the finals of the SdS has talent show.  We had a good variety of acts this year and it was difficult to select the finalists. You can all be extremely proud of yourselves. After school tomorrow, we will be practising and sorting stage positions – looking forward to it!


That’s a Wrap!

Well done and thank you to all the Players. Mrs Buckby, Mrs Mantle and Mrs Chisholm are really proud of each and every one of you. Have a well deserved rest and we hope you will be signing up for drama club in the new school year.

Last Chance!

Another amazing performance by the Players today. Staff and parents  commented on the high standard of singing, dancing and acting throughout. Get your tickets, from the schooll office, for tomorrow’s 6pm show. We guarantee that you’ll be foot tapping, clapping and humming the songs all evening.





Amazing Performance!

The Players performed brilliantly this evening. Thank you to everyone who came to watch them and we hope you enjoyed it. They have worked extremely hard and would love a big audience, There is still time to get your tickets, from the school office, for tomorrow’s 10am and Friday’s 6pm performances .

First Line of a Book…

“It’s a funny thing about mothers and fathers. Even when their own child is the most disgusting little blister you could ever imagine, they still think that he or she is wonderful.”

Have you worked it out? Do you want to find out more? Come along to one of the Players’ performances this week. Purchase your tickets from the school office for Wednesday 27th 6pm, Thursday 28th 10am or Friday 29th 6pm.






Have you got your ticket?

The Players have been working hard and next week is showtime. We have three performances – Wednesday 27th and Friday 29th, evening  performances and Thursday 28th, morning performance. The children would love to have a big audience. Get your tickets from the school office and we guarantee you’ll have a good time!